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Achieve team performance by demonstrating the behavior that helps you achieve goals - with 15 minutes per week  

Because the right team behavior is leading in achieving performance.


With our approach you can achieve this easily and in a structured and safe manner.

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A high performing team continuously pays attention to the behavior it wants to demonstrate as a team

Demonstrating the right behavior in practice only works when team members do this together in a routine. 

Our approach - supported by software - makes this easy.

Behavioral change is a constant factor in dealing with challengesuitdagingen voor teams

With 15 minutes per week, this fits into any agenda

Demonstrating new behavior as a team is different from executing one-off actions. It requires measuring and discussing behavior in a routine. With our approach, teams work 15 minutes every week on making the new behavior a habit. In such a way that the team can sustain it. 

Rate and discuss team behavior

Have a data-driven conversation

Behavioral change requires a people-oriented approach. That is why our software facilitates structured conversations. It helps teams to form a common understanding and put words to behavioral development. This makes behavior more tangible and stays clear from vague concepts such as 'better communication' and 'more collaboration'. Moreover, it shows proof that good conversation takes place.

Specific team behavior

Scientifically substantiated working on team behavior

Team behavior determines how successful teams are. Our software is based on the best of both worlds: both years of practical experience with teams as well as science. Teams can immediately start working on this in practice to demonstrate small behavioral changes together. 

Fogg Behavior Model

More than 180 teams at 70 organizations preceded you 

Association of Dutch builders
Housing corporation
Local authority
Public safety
Welfare organization

This is what teams say

“This method with software is a great help: it gives me a lot of relaxation. I experience peace, feel in control and am proud! Everyone is involved and connected.”

Michaela de Jong, Woonforte

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